Nothing ever goes easy

So I pack a day before, starting to make sure that my baggage weight does not exceeded the limit. I pack everything so carefully and think wow I really did a nice jobs again. I get to the Orlando airport and for some reason decide after getting through security already, to go through my camera bag. I then notice, much to my horror, that al the l memory cards for the video I need to shoot on this trip are not there. Now it is important to note here that the main part of my job at the CENTROPA academy and then my time driving through Poland is to video what remains of Jewish life. That is impossible to do if there are no memory cards. The college bought me two new ones just for the trip! I call home and speak to my wife and walk her through checking all the possible places I might have left the little carry case I place them in. Sure as hell they are there! I now call Josh who is driving back home from dropping me off. He does not answer the cell phone. I tell my wife to wait in front of the house and hand it to josh and tell him to get right back to the airport. He does but when I speak to him while driving back he tells me he is caught in traffic. No way he can make it here before my plane to Newark takes off. I check the airport store and the card are 80.00 each, twice the price of Best Buy. Of course, what did I expect at the airport! I then get online with my I Pad2 and search for Saturn Electronics stores in Berlin. They are all over Germany and they get 30 Euros, which after a quick check is $40.00. Next I tell Josh to go to the post office to see how much it would be to ship it to my hotel in Berlin. I tel him to call me when I land in NJ. Next I call my daughter Barbra in NJ who is meeting me for lunch at the airport. Her company works with clients in Germany so she checks the cost. Looks like about 80.00 to get them sent there in the next few days. Looks like I will have them sent to my hotel at this point as there are six cards in the package. I am now on the plane to Newark so I will find lout when I land what the cost is from Josh. Oh well, just when things are seemingly smooth a bump in the road appears. Lesson learned, double check baggage the day before. Will blog back in later…is that a word blog in just like log in? Oh well here comes the beverage cart, a ginger ale will settle my stomach at this point I hope.


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Valencia's Holocaust Study Abroad 2015

Group Leader: Professor Richard A. Gair, Professor of Holocaust Studies at Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida USA I am leading ten students on this experience. Eight from Valencia College and two from USF in Tampa. We will visit Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow.

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