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Wow, what a week….we have had such a hectic schedule that blogging has been impossible. Every single day was busy with workshops, lectures, work sessions, walking tours, museums, assignments, etc. Yesterday was the last day and today I actually slept in due to exhaustion. My body just said, no more, rest now. It is now finally Tuesday evening and I am meeting my friend from the seminar who is from Israel for dinner. Tomorrow and easy day and a visit to the German Reichtag Dome and then Thursday an early A.M. train to Poland. So a recap of the past few days is in order.
We have screened several survivor movies on the Centropa site to meet in small groups and discuss how we might use them in the classroom. Groups built some mini lesson plans to present to the others to use as ideas for themselves. Some of the best will be posted on the web site. We had sessions at the Konrad Adeneuar Institute and the Freidrich Ebert Institute as well. These are large institutions that promote peace worldwide. We have had tours of historic Berlin. Myself and a few others took some off time to visit the site of deportation of the Berlin Jews during the Holocaust, this is known as Gleis 17 (Track 17). We also had a day at the Jewish Museum and lectures and work sessions there. I have shot many feet of video of the entire experience and no doubt editing it will be a challenge. The food has been good and bad at times. Wee spent a day at the Cervantes Institute working as well. On Friday we went to services at the only operating synagogue here in Berlin. Then we walked to what was once the Jewish Girls Day School where we had a sabbath dinner. On Saturday we had a relaxing day to some degree. We had an entire restaurant to ourselves with chairs outside on the grass on the banks of the Spree River. We had our work sessions there, lunch and then a walk to the Holocaust Memorial. Throughout the week we have had a rabbi in residence who has given a few lectures and spoke at the Sabbath meal Friday night. On one day my group went to the Film History Museum which was quite nice. Very interesting as Germany was a world leader in cinema during the Weimar Republic (before the Nazis took over). Then it became a propaganda state run by Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebells.
It must be age and the extra weight I have because this trip has been more exhausting then any other in the past. I MUST somehow lose some of this FAT that I haul around. The phone just rang, my friend is here so more later.


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Valencia's Holocaust Study Abroad 2015

Group Leader: Professor Richard A. Gair, Professor of Holocaust Studies at Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida USA I am leading ten students on this experience. Eight from Valencia College and two from USF in Tampa. We will visit Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow.

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