Israel here I come…June 23, 2009

Time is getting really short and I just about have most of my reservations nailed down for the Europe part of my upcoming trip.  I am leaving the weekends in Israel open since I want to wait to see where in the country the place me for my 3 weeks volunteering with the Israeli Army.  I would like to get back to the Negev again so I can take a trip to Avadat on the dead Sea, Ein Gedi Spa which is also along the Dead Sea and take a day trip to Mt. Sinai and walk in the steps that Moses walked to receive the Law (10 Commandments).  I would then also visit St. Catherine’s Monestary where the remains of the Burning Bush in which the Almighty revealed himself to Moses is located.  The Sinai is in Egypt so it will require getting a 1 day visa or whatever they require.  I could always take a quick flight from tel Aviv to eilat and then grab the tour there.  This weekend I will probably be frantic remembering all small things that I need and forgot for the trip.  The trick is to travel light, not easy when you know you will be away for about 2 months and that some things which you normally would not take because they are supplied at a hotel must be taken for the 3 weeks on the Army base…like bring your own towels and tolietries, etc.   I want to take a camel ride up Mt. Sinai and hope my back can withstand it.  Til next time…Shalom, Rich


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